ENT specialist for my son's nosebleeds

Is Your Thyroid Turning You Into A Zombie?

Zombies are everywhere. There are all kinds of TV shows, movies, books, and songs written about them. However, no one wants to feel like one. Did you know that your thyroid could be turning you into a zombie? Here are some characteristics of zombies and how they can relate to hypothyroidism.  1. Zombies are slow. They creep along with their head and arms dangling, almost half-asleep. Exhaustion is one of the biggest clues that your thyroid is not working properly. Read More 

Common Allergy Myths Debunked

There are some alternative medicines that are highly effective, but you want to make sure that there are reliable studies that show this.  There have been several claims of the healing power of natural allergy remedies.  While they all may sound promising, find out if there is any real evidence to prove their effectiveness. Can essential oils eliminate allergies? The use of essential oils—oftentimes referred to as aromatherapy--is on the rise. Read More