3 Types of Snoring Surgery That Can Reduce Your Snoring

Snoring is something that can be incredibly difficult for you to live with, especially if it effects how you sleep as well as the relationships with those who sleep with you. If you have tried every method possible to stop your snoring with little or no success, then snoring surgery may be the best option for you. There are a few different surgical procedures that are used to help reduce or eliminate your snoring that have had successful results. This article will discuss three types of snoring surgery that can reduce your snoring. 

Removing or Stiffening the Muscles of Your Uvula and Soft Palate 

Sometimes snoring is caused by the vibration of your uvula and your soft palate. A great way to stop this from happening is to remove or stiffen the muscles that cause your uvula and your soft palate to vibrate. This is done by using radio-frequency heat energy to burn certain areas of the uvula and soft palate. By burning areas of the muscles, you are going to make them smaller. Then, as the burn tissue scars up, it will be reabsorbed by the mouth and will make the uvula and the soft palate more stiff. The smaller and stiffer muscles are going to be less likely to cause you to snore, thus fixing the problem. 

Removing Your Tonsils 

Sometimes the problem that people have with snoring is related to their tonsils. Their tonsils may be blocking the airway to some degree, thus causing them to snore. Removing the tonsils can clear up the airway, thus allowing air to flow through without running into any obstructions that may cause the sound of snoring. Removing the tonsils can also be helpful for other medical reasons as well, such as lessening your chance of getting strep throat, so removing the tonsils can have multiple benefits for you. 

Repairing Nasal Structures 

If your reason for snoring is due to a deviated septum or some other nasal blockage, then a plastic surgery that repairs your nasal structures will likely be the best option for you. This procedure will be geared toward removing the obstructions in your nose or reshaping your nasal cavity so that air can flow through it with ease. This can help you to breath clearly through both your nose and your mouth at night, thus eliminating, or at the very least reducing, the problem that you have with snoring.