Is Your Thyroid Turning You Into A Zombie?

Zombies are everywhere. There are all kinds of TV shows, movies, books, and songs written about them. However, no one wants to feel like one. Did you know that your thyroid could be turning you into a zombie? Here are some characteristics of zombies and how they can relate to hypothyroidism. 

1. Zombies are slow. They creep along with their head and arms dangling, almost half-asleep. Exhaustion is one of the biggest clues that your thyroid is not working properly. If you are still tired after a full night's sleep (and wake up feeling like a zombie), your thyroid might be to blame.

2. Zombies are depressed. When is the last time you saw a happy zombie? If your thyroid levels are low, it can impact your serotonin levels, leading to depression. 

3. They eat brains. Hypothyroidism can change your sense of smell and taste. Food doesn't taste right and you may find yourself avoiding food you used to enjoy. You still may not find yourself reaching for your friend's brain, though! 

4. Zombies aren't very smart. Low levels of the thyroid hormone will lead to brain fog and forgetfulness. You will be shocked at how quickly your brain returns when you receive treatment.

5. They are loners. Have you lost your sex drive? Hypothyroidism can seriously lower your libido and make you want to withdraw from those you love. 

6. They have dry, nasty skin. Your metabolism will be slower, which will lessen the amount of sweat you produce. Your skin will become dry and flaky and your nails will turn brittle.

7. They growl. Has your voice changed? Is your throat sore or does it look different to you? Take a look in the mirror and examine your neck. Are there any strange lumps? Have a doctor check it out the next time you go in.

8. Zombies have dry, stringy, thin hair. When you aren't producing enough thyroid hormone, your hair follicles will go into a "resting" mode. You will lose hair and then it won't grow back. If you are losing handfuls of hair (or noticing bald spots), see a specialist. 

9. They are weak. Sometimes it seems like they can hardly walk around on their own. Muscle weakness is another sign of hypothyroidism. If you are lifting weights and staying in shape but still feel like you weaker than you used to be, your thyroid might be the culprit. 

If you are feeling like a zombie, make an appointment with an ENT specialist. They can help you get thyroid treatment and raise your thyroid levels and become human again. Good luck!